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Next Solar Systems is an innovating technology driven manufacturing and distribution company of solar system products. The mission of Next Solar Systems is to be the leading provider of innovative, high quality solar systems to worldwide commercial and utility markets. We thrive in maintaining a strong inventory of high quality, efficient and cost effective products. We distribute all solar products including and not limited to modules, inverters, racking hardware and wiring. Our facilities also house educational courses which help related local businesses learn about the energy saving movement of solar power. Finally above all, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Our commitment to superior solar solutions begins with the industry’s strongest portfolio of quality products. Within our family of products, you will find unequaled breadth of products to meet a wide variety of your solar needs in commercial and residential applications. As an innovator of solar energy products, it is our mission to deliver consistently superior value to our customers and their clients. This commitment permeates in everything we do, driving us to continuously develop and improve our products and the processes to fulfill your need for quality solar solutions.

Next Solar Systems, is aiming to lead the way in providing a complete product and informational website to provide exceptional service to all our customers. On our website, customers can find solar products from multiple manufacturers as well as helpful solar tools and educational information for any solar project. At the heart of our new product development is a steadfast commitment to the development and application of innovative, new solar technologies that improve solar quality, improve solar economics and enhance the overall environment through efficient energy production.


Next Solar Systems is a premier solar system distributor in the USA, supplying a large selection of solar modules, inverters, racking and system components to its network of solar dealers and installers. We design our products and systems for maximum efficiency and minimum on-site construction time and operation costs.

We also carry kits, NextKits, that are complete with all the necessary hardware required to install any solar project. All NextKits are easy to order, factory assembled, and simple to install and commission. We design custom systems and products to satisfy specific loads and environmental requirements.


Next Solar Systems, Inc. is backed by the reputation and financial stability of its parent company Deco Lighting, Inc. Deco Lighting is America’s leading manufacturer of lighting products specializing in the manufacturing of energy efficient Fluorescent, Architectural, Induction, Outdoor, HID and Exit and Emergency Lighting. Deco’s goal to serve the growing need for energy efficient solutions is directly in line with Next Solar Systems goal to do the same.

Next Solar Systems is also affiliated with a leading energy efficient control system company, Element ControlsElement controls is a innovating controls system company which distributes an exclusive energy saving control system.

Together we have over 50 years combined experience in the electrical distribution and manufacturing business.


Our long-standing resolve is to provide superior service to our customers. From product selection and specification through product delivery and beyond, we are committed to providing the systems, tools and capabilities that deliver product and information when you need them. Simply put, our organization strives to be easy to do business with in everything we do. Our people are committed to applying their experience and solar expertise to enhancing the overall customer experience.

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