Next Solar System Services

Site Analysis

Next Solar Systems, through our network of qualified dealers nationwide, offers site analysis that will include a physical review of your site’s suitability for a solar energy system, an analysis of your energy consumption, and a recommendation of the most appropriate solution for your home or business.

Project Management

In the event that one of our dealers encounters a project opportunity that is beyond their individual capability to manage, DC Power Systems will help with project management, including planning, design, sourcing and installation

Rebate Assistance

Next Solar Systems offers rebate assistance to our dealers. We’ll obtain all available rebates and/or incentives, and often carry the rebate, charging the dealer only the remaining balance due.

Financing Solutions

Next Solar Systems also offers a wide variety of financing solutions for installations of any size. We offer equity loans and equity lines of credit, capital leases, operating leases and large scale power purchase agreements (PPAs). Sometimes providing financing is critical to closing the deal, giving our dealers another advantage over their competition.

Solar Manufacturers We Proudly Feature: