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Solar Products, Balance of System Components and Renewable Energy Products

Using the power of the Sun, it is possible to provide light, even in the most remote locations. For municipalities, commercial businesses, and even homeowners, solar lighting can be both an elegant and cost-effective way to light areas that may present challenges that might make conventional grid-tied lighting impractical.

With a very quick payback on the investment, solar lighting is usually the best long term lighting solution regardless of the location. Solar lighting is being used worldwide to light bridges, roads, parks, municipal buildings, schools, ball fields, marinas, stadiums, homes, and agricultural facilities. The applications are endless.

With a parent company such as Deco Lighting, Inc., one of the leading LED and Induction lighting manufactures, Next Solar Systems offers a tremendous variety of solar lighting products at the most competitive prices and efficiencies in the marketplace. Tell us about your needs and we will provide you with the perfect solar lighting solution.

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